Restaurant Clara – Your restaurant in Rødovre

Vestmarks best Danish family restaurant

Your search for good food combined with good service and atmosphere is over. Your restaurant in Rødovre has it all.

Your restaurant in Rødovre only uses good ingredients.
In our restaurant in Rødovre we only use good and fresh ingredients and serve everything from sandwiches to burgers and today’s dishes. At Clara it is incredibly important that the ingredients are fresh and delicious every time, and do not compromise on quality. In addition, as we said, we serve a wide range, ranging from delicious sandwiches of different varieties, to juicy burgers and today’s dishes. These dishes can be read more in our menu card , where the day’s right, beer map and main menus are described.

Nice atmosphere and good service at Restaurant Clara …
In addition to our wide range of food and drink, Clara also offers a really nice atmosphere. Like your restaurant in Rødovre, we think that good food should be served in a cozy setting. Therefore, we have placed a great deal of focus on the fact that the food and the atmosphere go into a higher unit. In addition to the atmosphere and the food, Clara always tries to execute a very good service, so the customer always feels comfortable. This is one of the reasons that Clara is the best-known Danish family restaurant.

What do the guests say about Restaurant Clara?
We strive for the satisfaction and satisfaction of the guests, and this has proven to be something we are good at. At Restaurant Rødovre , you can see what some of our guests say about Restaurant Clara. You are more than welcome to leave a review there, so we can keep an eye on whether the restaurant is still maintaining its high level.

Any questions to Restaurant Clara?
Should you be left with questions or similar to today’s law, our regular menu or the like, do not hesitate. We prefer to specify the content of the menus or other things that should fall to your heart.

Very good food, atmosphere and service go hand in hand at Clara, your restaurant in Rødovre.

We at Restaurant Clara, looking forward to seeing you in our restaurant in Rødovre!
Reservations can be made by telephone at 36 41 04 65

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